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Documentation and Support

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Support and operations documentation for Qyber\black.

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Qyber\black is a network of researchers working on topics related to quantum control. It is run and supported by its members for its members. It is an open, free platform to support its members' research and release their results. We provide development, project management, hosting, computing, and communication resources.

For an overview of the projects on the site, explore the groups. Many projects are publicly available on the site without the need for an account. How to get support for these projects, if available (not all projects are supported or support may have been stopped), is documented on the project pages and typically does not require an account. Please see activities for an overview of our work.

We generally aim to release all our work under a suitable open source license, ideally AGPL, GPL or FDL; some CC licenses and related here or here, etc. may also be appropriate.

We provide

  • devops (development and operations) resources based on GitLab with PlantUML;
  • a protected package registry, which can be used, e.g., as a docker container registry, at linked to the GitLab projects, only accessible via Qyber\black accounts;
  • a MinIO S4 compatible high-performance object storage, for internal storage and releasing data;
  • computing resources available are
    • a CPU-centric, heterogeneous Docker based cluster (Kali),
    • a GPU-centric, heterogeneous Nomad cluster (Hekate),
    • some project and group-specific systems, including the option to schedule tasks via Slurm on Supercomputing Wales and custom FPGA platforms;
  • test, internal and external service hosting via a custom implementation linked into the clusters (see internal SVC portal);
  • communication resources via Mattermost, a discord server and BigBlueButton with Greenlight, also linked into Jitsi and Zoom.

Qyber\black is hosted at the School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University on hardware provided by and some systems from RIVIC and COMSC. Some services and hosts are located at IONOS (cloud server, VPS, etc). We can integrate GKE and AWS, and other compute resources, as, when and if needed, or if you want to provide additional resources to support the site.

Key members are

We are happy to add more members from anywhere whose work is aligned with ours. Check out the public projects to get an idea of what we are working on. If you are interested in joining, please contact with some details about you and why you wish to join or, likely even better, directly discuss this with a member. You do not need to join to access the resources we can share, as these are all publicly available. Further details on how to access protected/private resources are provided in the "Info" projects of the groups if this is possible.

Documentation and Help

For documentation, examples and help is available on the Help Page

Contact for help and support with any services on Qyber\black.


This wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The publications, code, data, etc. may be under a different license. Check the relevant information provided with these resources.